Advanced Ceramic Heaters

Produced from hot pressed Silicon Nitride and Aluminum Nitride, these are fully ceramic heaters featuring an integrated ceramic-heating conductor surrounded by insulating ceramic layer. Fully ceramic heating elements have a number of advantages in comparison to conventional metallic heating elements. These Ceramic materials have low heat capacity and therefore are well suited to handle temperatures up to 1000 0C with very little energy consumption. Ceramics provide outstanding durability and long life due to high resistance to wear and oxidation.

The production process allows great versatility in creating a wide range of sizes and shapes. Heating capacity can thus be integrated into all kinds of durable ceramic parts, like cutting tools, welding brackets and other tools. Applications include:
  • Water Heaters-upto 450mm diameter
  • Integrated Heating/Cooling
  • Glow Igniters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Miniature Chip Heaters
  • Heated Cutting edges
  • Hot Plates
  • Special geometries such as Ring heaters for the packaging industries.
Nano Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Bach Resistor Ceramics heating elements in North America.

Hot Plate for Semiconductor

Cartridge Heater

Siliocn Nitride Glow Igniter